Monday, 20 April 2015

Falling in LOVE...

by Ami C. Samuel!

Cause when you are in love every day is Valentine's Day!

Beautiful Valentine Dupond is haunted by her name. “Valen-teeen…”she keeps telling people in her scrumptious French accent, “My name is Valen-teeeeen!”

And Valentine doesn’t just have a romantic name, she speaks French the language of love…

Only, her love life is very far from exciting, in fact she does not have one.

Lovely Valentine is a vegetarian veterinarian in Perth, Australia, and lives with a fat cat and a dance crazed-housemate with two left feet. 

Where is “l’amour”,you may ask? 
Where is the wild romance? 
Where oh WHERE is the French kissing!!!

Well, hold your horses, girls, cause gorgeous red-hot millionaire Joshua Hudgewich is about to enter stage-left and sweep Valentine right off her dancing shoes. (though not without some Drama, of course, and leaving a few dents and bruises on Valentine's tender heart...)

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