Sunday, 10 August 2014

A Sweetly Sensuous Surprise

Flawless, delicious, sensuous...All these apply to Elise de Sallier's writing.
How about absorbing? Captivating, amusing and enormously entertaining.
"Passion and Propriety" is all this and more...

It made me feel like a voyeur listening at the parlour door, peeking through the bedroom window, an eager eavesdropper. And most improper! I adored the whole experience, the historical veracity, the density of the characters, and not just the protagonists. Look, I kept wanting to follow the supporting actors off stage to see what happened to them. I want to know what happens to Grace? Who is the French maid? Hanna and William hold centre stage, but this is not a one man or woman play. Though let me tell you, the building sexual tension between them is masterfully handled...
As is everything else. De Sallier's writing is smooth as silk, and utterly flawless.

This is a delicious, delicately executed period reenactment, a renewal and, dare I say it, an upgrade of the long outdated Regency Romance. I want more of the proper and improper nouns so expertly and passionately handled by Ms. de Sallier.
A sweetly sensuous surprise!
Brava, Elise!

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