Sunday, 29 September 2013


Glorious, gloire, gloria
So many words for euphoria
All curling the same
Way on the tongue
Spilling the same air
From the fluttering lung-
All holding the very sway
Tremulous with the same ambition
The same avid decision:

So do we grasp the Rose
By any other name?
And is our reaching out
The same?
Do I stretch out wincing
Fingers to the stem
Or boldly grasp careless
Of the thorns or pain?

Oh but I think
I'll do the unexpected
Reach in to the bed of petals
And plunge my fingers
Into the moist
Tightly furled core
Rip out what I need
Ask for no more.

So Rose beware:
Even as you carelessly
Spill seduction in the air,
Count not on your thorns
To win this fight:
You will spill no blood
From me this night.

I take your inviolate heart
Coiled veiled velvet fire
That not-so-pure desire,
I bite, devour, tear it apart.

Glorious, gloire, gloria
So very many words for this one euphoria...

Manuela Cardiga

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