Sunday, 8 September 2013


I believe faithfulness is impossible to the shallow-hearted.

It is not that they do no wish to be thus; there is just not enough depth there to sustain a true regard, and so, they must – like Narcissus - perforce seek always their reflection in a myriad pools. Only thus can their intensity be sustained and contantly renewed: self-worth affirmed - confirmed - by the shallow reflection in the still pond of yet another eye.

Oh but if you seek and find an ocean-heart, then can you dive! Such revelations as unfold, will invite you deeper, and once you take the courage to be so much yourself with one person, you can never again look away. Dishonesty of any kind becomes impossible. Any lie is a lie to the mirrored self.

So it is really a question of understanding what you have before you, and within you:
a perfect pool to dip your toes in on a summer afternoon?
Or an ocean deep enough to swallow the rest of your life?

Manuela Cardiga