Saturday, 8 August 2020

Plague Season

We've forgotten
we've forgotten
The hollow ring of
"Bring out
your dead,"
And stay in bed
With a hangnail instead

We've forgotten
We've forgotten
The deadly dance
Ring a Ring o' Roses
We all fall down
Silent as ashes
To the ground

We've forgotten
We've forgotten
The sweet-hot touch
Blossoming flowers
Rancid fruit of death
Corrupting our precious flesh

It comes, it comes,
It comes again
Oh sweet dark wind
The Plague Gods arrive
Leaving neither
Righteous nor sinners alive

The Black One hovers at the gate
And cares not for wealth or state

So pray, so pray
It goes away
Plague Gods come back
Another day
Chant it loud
Chant it clear
Maybe some
Kinder God Will hear

But pick out your funeral dress
Beg and borrow
Relics of health
Streptomycin, gentamicin,
And confess, make redress
Dying sinless is best

The Plague Gods are coming
Dancing, and shrieking
So wait, wait for the screaming
And remember, remember
The rancid-voiced bell
"Bring out your dead,
and the living as well."


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