Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Missing my dearest friend

ME: Did u know according to the stories once a gentile woman came to him begging a miracle for her children and he said "I am the feast set by the Lord for his Chosen People, I am not come for you, or yours." and the woman said to him " Rabbi, even dogs scrabble for scraps under the richest table"

IVAN: True

ME: He healed the children

IVAN; I am not surprised they killed him exclusivity is always precious to the pious

ME: Me neither and yu know they still behave the same now

IVAN: yes always. the enlightened are seldom welcomed. Yu must write ok

ME: what?

IVAN: write, always write. Just write

ME: yes

IVAN: Good

ME: but it hurts

IVAN: Its a gift, supposed to hurt

Me: ok. What u having for breakfast?

IVAN; im thinking now maybe kippers

ME: cool

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