Friday, 29 December 2017

Marching Song Of The Little Mermaid

Trudging along
Walking that mile.

And yep
You betcha
My feet hurt;
And the shards
Of my heart
Sticking out
Shish kebabed
On my ribs
Sure sting.

But I'm trudging along
Cause I promised.

And though
I'm weak,
My word
Is my bond,
My one legacy.
My word
Is strong
And I plod on.

I'm trudging along
And I fake the smile.

Cause I know
It will soak in
And lighten
My load.
The words
They spoke
That gift of hope
Makes it so.

I'm skipping along
Grunting a song

And that thin
Ruby trail
Will veil where
I ended and started,
Hide where
I faltered,
Traded my choice,
And gave up my voice.


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