Friday, 12 August 2016

The sadness of goodbye, and the endurannce of the silence empty of a beloved presence.

My father left on his great journey 11 years ago today.

Quoting one of my ghosts explaining death and grief to a child:

“Life is short, but love is long, Isaiah. Everyone has a path, and because we love someone we can't understand why their path goes left, and ours goes right. We want to travel with them always, but at that place is where they turn to travel another way. Not because they love us less, or we need them less. And it hurts. And it's scary, because now we travel alone. But the love stays with us. And later on, we meet other people on our road and more love grows in us.”

“Like us and you and Mr.Simon.”

“Yes. And you know, I think one day we find everyone we have loved on a road somewhere. So we walk, and who knows? Next bend we find something new to love and to love us.”


Manuela Cardiga

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