Friday, 25 March 2016

New Experiment: White Wine and Kiwi Jam!

Ok, this may sound a little crazed but I now feel compelled to change fruit into jam....

Today I spied three hairy-skinned kiwis and was inspired!

So I took a nice BIG glass of white wine and boiled up the pips and peelings of one apple and the juice of one lemon. I then chucked the pips and peels away and added the (peeled) and coarsely chopped up kiwis, a cup of sugar and a dash of freshly-ground black pepper.

I simmered it up until it started to thicken, then poured into the heated jar.

Looks divinely tempting: the luscious green kiwi suspended in the golden-green syrup, rather like an edible jewel!

I tasted it too. It is amazingly complex and rich tasting, and not overly sweet at all. Smells absolutely divine; the citrusy perfume of the kiwi, the aroma of the pepper, the tang of the wine.

Try it out.


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