Monday, 9 December 2013

Sensual Secrets of a Sexual Surrogate: Advice for the Sucsexful Man by Lance Packhard

Tell her you love her.Yes, she’s supposed to know it—even when you act like a jerk—but tell her anyway. Then, you tell her again and again. You tell her ten times a day if that’s what she needs. Tell her she’s beautiful, tell her you love her body, then tell her again.

Tell her when you’re making love to her; tell her when you’re not.Whisper it when you’re inside her, and when you’re at her mother’s and the old bitch is driving you mad. Pull her into the bathroom just because you need to touch her in the middle of a party. Make her come at the movies. Make her feel irresistible. Make her feel desired.

Excerpt from "Guilty Pleasures" by Manuela Cardiga

Look for 

"Guilty Pleasures - The Food and Fornication Fables" 

by Manuela Cardiga


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