Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I was thinking to myself this man-woman thing is a lot simpler than it seems.
The defining literary work that unlocks the deep secret to gender dynamics must be Peter Pan.

Think about this: Wendy Darling looks and longs for love. She wants romance and passion and kisses. Peter wants a Mother...

In his short term romances Peter has an Indian Princess, or a bare-chested hussy Mermaid (glamour, adventure and sex). In long term term relationships he has Wendy - forced to be Mother; or Tink being everything else he may need. A contingency plan, so to speak. Poor Tink is Plan B.

The rivalry between Wendy and Tink which results in treachery, death and destruction is in effect, an empty one.

Neither of these women get from Peter what they need.
Its just not in him to give them what they believe the "other women" is taking from her.
He gives them nothing.

He gets to be Peter forever and ever.
He takes from all givers and gives nothing back.
Even his much vaunted ability to fly he gets from Tink.
She gives him wings, and what does she get in return?

Peter Pan the boy who will never be a man is loved by Wendy Darling who just can't for the life of her understand that he will never grow. He can't.

He wants a Mother, and she wants an equal relationship with a grown man.
He's not a grown man. That's it. Mystery solved.
He goes away to Never-land, Wendy goes on with her life and makes a plan.
Now, do you get it?


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